Female fennec foxes for sale


Got Females fennec foxe available and ready. They are very friendly, Tamed and Dewormed. All USDA Licensed and can live in every city and state. They are perfect in health and have had their shots. Will come with papers.

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Female fennec foxes for sale

Female fennec foxes for sale

Why Are Fennecs so Popular?

When you think of the word “exotic pet,” chances are that one of the animals that will come to mind is the fennec fox. These tiny, hyper foxes are the smallest members of their family. For a variety of reasons discussed in this article, they are also the best fox to be kept as a pet in the opinions of many.

Fennec foxes have won the attention and adoration of millions of animal lovers, boasting comedically large ears and a dainty, refined face with huge eyes that pull at your heartstrings. It’s no wonder they’re popular! With many viral videos showcasing these animals, it’s also not rare to see comments declaring, “I want one!” But what really goes into owning one of these adorable little critters? Turns out, it may not be as simple as you’d imagine.


The Legality of Fennec Fox Ownership

Before you even consider purchasing a fennec fox, read the care guides and plan your visits to meet one, or ogle babies for sale near you, you must realize that these animals are not legal in many places due to overbearing laws on exotic animal ownership. The majority of states in the United States have some form of restricting legislation on fennec foxes, be it an outright ban, or requiring owners to apply for a state permit. Some permits states require cost annual fees, which can be costly, and others will not provide permits to people looking to own fennecs as pets.

Purchasing fennecs without checking if they are legal is irresponsible and leads to animals inevitably being seized and either sent to a sanctuary or euthanized by the state. There are never happy endings and you will not be given lenience. It is your responsibility to contact your local Fish & Wildlife Services or Wildlife Resources Commission in your state and to look up the current, up to date laws your state has.

In addition, cities and counties have the right to restrict what animals you may own as well. Therefore, even if the state you reside in is legal, your city or county will still punish you and your pet if they have their own laws that say otherwise.

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