Ring-Tailed Lemurs for sale


Ring-Tailed Lemurs for sale

Ring-Tailed Lemurs for sale

Native to the island of Madagascar, lemurs are intriguing primates, whose endearing personalities are making them sought-after pets. Getting a lemur has become the hottest fad lately, however, is it ethically right to keep lemurs as pets? After all, primates belong to the wild!

Owning an exotic pet is a status symbol today, and more and more people are on the lookout for unusual pets that can raise their status quotient. Actress Kirstie Alley owns lemurs, however, if you’re thinking of following in her footsteps, it’s important to understand that getting primates home is not the right thing to do! Primates are wild animals with special physical, mental, and emotional needs that captivity cannot cater to.

People find baby lemurs irresistible, however, little do they realize that as these lemurs grow into adults and attain sexual maturity, they tend to get aggressive. In the wild, lemurs move in groups and share strong family bonds. This means social interaction means a lot to them. In captivity, they depend on their owner for social interaction, and get very cranky if this need isn’t met.


Getting a License

People who wish to own an exotic pet need special license to do so. Only after obtaining permission from the authorities, should you proceed to find a lemur breeder. In Madagascar, it has been illegal to kill, keep, or export lemurs as pets since 1964. Moreover, the United States government has exhaustive and strict laws against importing of foreign animals, mainly due the threat of any diseases that they may carry. Besides importing, there are even stricter laws in place in all the states, regarding the possession of exotic animals as pets. The laws of the State regarding exotic animals have to be taken into consideration before planning to get a lemur.


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