Female coatimundi for sale


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Female coatimundi for sale

Housing the Coatimundi

Coatis are high-energy animals that need a lot of space, especially at a young age. Even with appropriate housing, some coatis can become stressed; the result can be poor health and low energy.

Ideally, coatis should have a large indoor and outdoor enclosure that should be at least 10-foot, cubed. Equip the cages with toys and challenging climbing areas to keep your pet engaged and active. Another good enclosure option is repurposing a walk-in aviary (formerly used for parrots, wild birds, or small flocks).

Coatis are intelligent animals. With training and patience, they can be litter trained. Some owners do put their coatis on leashes and take them outdoors, though this can be tricky if the coati becomes stubborn and refuses to comply with commands.

It’s not advisable to keep a coati loose indoors. It will damage your home and may injure itself.


Common Health Problems

Your coati will need an experienced exotics veterinarian for annual checkups. Coatis rarely have medical issues, although they are prone to getting a rectal prolapse from straining to defecate due to parasites or diarrhea.

An improper diet will likely cause malnutrition. And, if you house multiple coatis together, fighting can cause injuries. There are no licensed vaccines for coatis but many veterinarians will use dog or cat vaccines.

Food and Water

Pet coatis abide by a strict diet. Your pet will require measured dietary ratios of fruits to vegetables to proteins and carbohydrates:

  • 60% high-grade, grain-free dog food
  • 10% fresh fruit
  • 20% poultry, beef, or eggs
  • 10% vegetables (and more as necessary)

Is It Legal to Own a Pet Coatimundi?

As with other exotic pets, coatimundis are regulated by law. Because this species has caused injury to humans and can transmit diseases, many places outlaw them. States and counties have laws and regulations regarding coatimundis, and you need to know what the law is where you plan to live with your pet. In addition to knowing whether coati ownership is legal, it’s also essential to ascertain whether you will need a permit.

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