Kinkajous female for sale


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Kinkajous female for sale

Kinkajous are small mammals that are native to the rainforest.

They’re intelligent, vocal and curious animals — and they’re among the latest in the growing trend of exotic pets.

Kinkajous grow to be 2–12 pounds, depending on their subspecies, and can live for roughly 20 years. In other words, this is not a short-term pet.

Kinkajous at Home

Armed with this basic information about kinkajous, we can see some considerations people should take into account before bringing one home as a pet:

  • Nocturnal: These animals are active at night.
  • Vocal: They tend to chatter.
  • Territorial: They mark their territory.
  • Environment: They are accustomed to warm climates with plenty of climbing space available.
  • Nimble: Their “fingers” resemble those of raccoons, who are notorious for cleverly getting into places they shouldn’t.

So, if you’re thinking of bringing a kinkajou home, consider how you will house your new pet and whether you’ll be able to provide a large, comfortable space with plenty of climbing areas.

Think about how you will maintain a comfortable temperature and have a backup plan for power outages.

Consider your lifestyle. If you work days and need to sleep nights, these animals may not fit into your lifestyle. Apartment living and home sharing will likely not be a good fit for kinkajous unless everyone in the immediate area is willing to share their sleeping hours with a wakeful pet.

If you plan to allow your kinkajou to roam the house freely, you’ll need to spend a great deal of time “pet proofing” to prevent access to electrical wires and outlets, poisonous plants, cleaning supplies, garbage bins and more. The animal’s curiosity and clever fingers make for a dangerous mix in an unsupervised environment.

You’ll also need a plan in place to deal with their territorial marking, which will be difficult to stop — and these animals are difficult, if not impossible, to litter train.

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